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3rd Sunday of Easter

April 22, 2007

Mass Intentions
Sat. 21 4:00 PM V Jennie Ahlin
Sun. 22 8:00 AM V Bob Spoentgen
10:30 AM V Archie Mugerauer
Mon. 23 9:00 AM Communion Service
Tues. 24 5:30 PM V William Westphal
Wed. 25 9:00 AM For the Intentions of Kirby Pierce
Thurs. 26 9:00 AM For living & deceased members of the Chmielewski & DeNucci Families
Fri. 27 9:00 AM V Stan Fishman
Sat. 28 4:00 PM V Alan Wears
Sun. 29 8:00 AM V For The People
10:30 AM V Helen Adrian

 Please Be Praying For..
Melvin & Gen Heibel, Lynne Young, Fr. Bede Jagoe O.P., Carole Johnson, Larry Kuhl, Rose Soderberg, Roy Beecroft, Earl Leik, Blake Herpst, Dan Tate, Helen Reitz, Josephine Lehmann, Kay Bruckner, Marcella Stevonek, Connor Dykes, Tony Smith, Betty Robinson, Benita Bartlett, Dr. Frank Whitesell, Cathy Hamble, Stethen Klett, Dan Handrahan, Thomas Mcconaughy, Marion Schultz, Elaine Leisch, Nancy Brusletten, Beth Ann Smith, Michael Lange, Judy Johnson, Mary Lou Holter, Mary Lou Fitzgibbon, Jim Rodgers, Bob Clark, Darlene Herpst, Sandra Carufel, Harry D. Long, Kirby Pierce, Brian Christopherson, Machell Bentley, Lorraine Schultz, Doris Riopell, Kari Fladwood, Leona Miles, Marcel Simon, Paul Brennhofer, Mercedes Oswald, Roxanne Hall, Virginia Trump, Dan Meaney, Dick Pearson, Libby Lee, Walt & Carol Sommers, Jayne Finnegan Smith, Ken Levra, Marie Frank, Lyle & Marie Klink, Marge Maier, George Shepard, Mary Zenzen, Jerry Strohbeen, Heidi Johnson, Ryan Colburn, Jessica Lutz, Loren Liedl, Pat Wells, Mike Morrissey, Jean Flannigan, Georgia Jones, Kari Christenson, Peg Bavin, Terri Nustvold, Sherry Brown, Leone Adams, Gerry Sorum, Joseph Seidl, Dave Simondet, Phil & Ruth Kelly, Minnie Drummy, Dick Simon, Clyde Greene, Bill Quinlan, Luke Hora, Betty Grund, and Grant Truhler.

Stewardship Thought

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells Peter again and again, “If you love Me, feed my sheep.” He says the same to each of us, “If you love Me, use the gifts I have given you to serve your brothers and sisters.”

Saturday, Apr. 21

4:00pm Mass                   1:30pm Emily Pechacek & Josh Jansen Wedding
Sunday, Apr. 22 11:30am Catechist Appreciation Brunch

8:00am Mass

9:10-10:15am Pre/K/1-5

9:30am Pray The Rosary

10:30am Mass

Monday, Apr. 23 9:00am Communion Service
Tuesday, Apr. 24 9:30-11:30am Bible Study/Adult Formation     5:30pm Mass
Wednesday, Apr. 25 9:00am Mass                     6:30pm Classes Gr. 6-11Last Class Youth Mass
Thursday, Apr. 26 9:00am Mass                     6:30pm RCIA Last Session Pizza Dinner
Friday, Apr. 27 9:00am Mass
Saturday, Apr. 28 Catholic Home Mission Appeal Collection 4:00pm Mass
Sunday, Apr. 29 Catholic Home Mission Appeal Collection

8:00am Mass

9:10am Last Class PreK-5

9:30am Pray The Rosary

10:30am Mass



Lay Minister Schedule

Saturday, Apr. 28: 4:00PM

Reader: Marvin Nevala

Ministers of Communion: Volunteers

Ushers: David Goossen

Jean Goossen

Don Waldbillig


Volunteer Servers: Volunteers

Sunday, Apr. 29: 8:00 AM

Reader: Dennis John

Ministers of Communion: Volunteers

Ushers: Les Peterson

Sharon Peterson

Mike Hafele

Pat Hafele

Ken Scheierl

Barb Scheierl

Servers: Bethany Dado

Ethan Dado

Sunday, Apr. 29: 10:30 AM

Reader: Ruth Mugerauer

Ministers of Communion: Volunteers

Ushers: Doug Swanson

Bobbi Swanson

Steve Witthoft

Ryan Witthoft



Servers: Jessica Tiedemann

Tracey Tiedemann

Katie Tiedemann

Religious Formation Announcements


Tuesday Morning Bible Study/ Adult Formation

9:30-11:30 am: Lectionary-based Bible Study followed by the video A Man For All Seasons. Part 1-Tues., April 24/Part 2-Tues., May 1. Our Great Souls series continues with the life of St. Thomas More who challenged King Henry VII, refused to renounce his faith and paid the ultimate price, his life.

Last Class

Pre-K, Gr. 1-5: Sun., April 22 9:10-10:15 am.

Grades 6-11: Wed., April 25, 6:30-8 pm and Youth Mass


“Jesus feeds us so that we can feed and serve others.”

Adults: Sometimes love is a challenge that calls us to go beyond our comfort zone. What is one action that you can do this week to show Christ’s love to someone who is in need of that love?

Youth: Jesus asked Peter three times to “feed my sheep.” Who are you being called to help in your life right now?

Children: Jesus asks Peter three times if Peter loves Jesus. What one thing can you do this week to show Jesus your love?

Calendar of Coming Events

St. Peter’s, Cameron Annual Turkey Dinner:

We hope you can join us Sunday, April 29, 11-2 pm. Menu: Turkey, all the trimmings, and Homemade Pie. Raffle/Silent Auction/Bake Sale

East Balsam Baptist:

The Ecumenical Choir will present a Cantata for Easter, “WHO IS THIS KING? Royal Servant - Rejected Friend - Risen Christ!”, by Lloyd Larson and Joseph M. Martin, Sunday evening, April 22, starting at 7 pm. A social with refreshments will follow the performance.

Marriage 911:

Retrouvaille Weekend to be held May 4-6, west of Wausau at St. Anthony’s retreat Center. Check the church board for more information.

St. Anthony Retreat Center, Marathon, WI

Senior Citizens Retreat Day will offer a day that will focus on the theme, “A Spirituality for the Senior Year,” Wednesday, May 9, 10 am.

Day on the Labyrinth will offer a day entitled “Walking a Sacred Path,” on Saturday, May 19. A metaphor for the spiritual journey of your soul and your ministry in daily life? You are invited to “walk a sacred path” - a tool used by many Christians throughout history. The labyrinth is a simple, two-way path leading from an entrance to a center and back out again; a metaphor for walking the sacred path in our everyday life. Come-discover a way of prayer, a way of being in communion with God. Presented by Rev. Lynn scott, a ordained Clergy in the United Methodist Church, a trained labyrinth facilitator and director of Sabbath Way, LLC, Eau Claire, WI. Begins 10 am and concludes at 4 pm.

Offering $50 includes the noon meal.

Contact St. Anthony’s at 715-443-2236 to register. For a ride or more information e-mail: info@sarcenter.com or Web-site: www.sarcenter.com.

General Announcements

New Members for

Pastoral Council:

We are looking for candidates to serve on the Pastoral Council here at St. Joseph.

Three positions will be available at the end of the church year. If you’re interested please contact the office and we’ll let you know what the requirements are and other information.

Here is your chance to become an active participating member of our Parish Community and become involved in the activities of the Parish.

Give us a call!


The Superior Diocesan council of Catholic Women will award two $500 scholarships to women who will have completed their 2nd year of college during the spring of 2007. Applications may be obtained by contacting the SDCCW Scholarship Committee, 2194 90th St. Luck WI 54853-2210. Telephone 857-5901, please leave a message. Leave address and telephone number.

Applications must be postmarked by May 1. Winners will be notified and recognized at the Superior Diocesan Convention in June.


We are in search of musicians and singers in small groups, solo, families, and anyone who would be willing to help lead the music at a Mass or two a month. We will gladly provide music selections. Currently we have cantors who need musicians and would be happy to coordinate anyone who could help. Please call or email Kathleen Kolar at 268-7604, kakolar@amerytel.net, or Joanie Byrnes 268-7749, joanie.byrnes@gmail.com.




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